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Oregon Blackberries


Oregon Berry Packing introduced blackberries to its product lineup in 1982, and today our fresh and frozen blackberries are in high demand.

All of our blackberries are harvested by hand from the nutrient-rich fields of Oregon’s Tualatin Valley. We have carefully researched different varieties to find those that offer only the highest quality and flavor, which our wholesale customers expect.

The robust, mouth-watering flavor of blackberries is complemented by their natural health benefits. Prized for their deep purple color, blackberries are a good source of vitamin C, folic acid, fiber, potassium, calcium and iron. The dark pigment of a blackberry exhibits its abundance of anthocyanins, ranking it among the highest of all berries in antioxidants—natural substances that improve memory function, slow the aging process, and guard against cancer, heart disease and macular degeneration by neutralizing free radicals.

Fresh Blackberries

Oregon Berry Packing can deliver decadent fresh blackberries of the highest quality to meet your specifications.

Premium Quality from the Ground Up
Our succulent blackberry varieties have been specifically selected for Oregon’s climate. They allow us to maintain a supply of firm, flavorful blackberries from July into October. The premium Natchez variety kicks off the beginning of our blackberry season in mid-late July. As the season progresses, the delicious Ouachita and Chester varieties begin to ripen, offering another two months of delectably fresh berries. The taste and quality of these varieties make them among the most sought after fresh market blackberries in the world.

We control every step of the process that brings our fresh blackberries to market—from growing, to picking and packing, to shipping. This ensures a consistent, premium product order-after-order. Skilled workers, under our supervision, delicately harvest fresh blackberries by hand. The berries are sorted and packed into clamshell baskets in the field, then trucked hourly to our pre-cooler. Since handling and time are critical factors to freshness, our process is streamlined, keeping both to a minimum. Fresh blackberries can be on their way to our wholesale customers within hours of being picked.

Delivering Just What You Need
Our fresh blackberries are packed in recyclable containers with clear, formed plastic lids. As a result of the fruit’s size and premium quality, they present well in retail settings and are often used for food service applications. If you have a need for a special-size container, please contact us. We can accommodate a variety of custom packing and we are delighted to explore the options with you.

Frozen Blackberries

Since 1982, Oregon Berry Packing has been the premium supplier of frozen blackberries used in jams, syrups and ice creams.

Hand-Harvested Quality
If you’re a wholesale buyer looking for the very best tasting, highest quality blackberries for your food product, then look no further. Our process of supplying the finest frozen blackberries begins in the field, where the blackberries are harvested by hand, rather than machine, so that the integrity of the berries’ character is maintained. Next, the berries are rushed from the field to our processing plant, where a blower gently removes any field debris, stems or leaves. They are washed, sorted by hand and packed into pails or barrels. The packed fruit is trucked to a cold storage freezer within hours of leaving the field.

Flexibility and Service
While most customers want frozen blackberries as whole, unsweetened fruit, we can customize many orders. Concentrates and purees are available and we can add sugar prior to freezing. Depending on the size of the order, we have the ability accommodate a variety of packaging needs. Please call to discuss any non-standard processing, packing, or delivery, and we’ll work to find a way to serve you.

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